Epoxy Accelerator

$225.00 (SGD)

  • Mainly Used in Touch Ups
  • Used With Epoxy Products
  • Shorten Wait Time For Epoxy Curing


MESG’s Epoxy Accelerator is used with the Part A’s of MESG Epoxy Products, including Metallic Epoxy & Self Levelling Compound. MESG’s Epoxy Accelerator is often utilized for touch-ups of holes caused by bubbles or anything that may affect your final finishing. This product allows for a quick cure within a very short period without compromising performance, saving you time and costs. This product is also ideal for projects requiring a faster cure or working in cold environments.

MESG’s Epoxy Accelerator speeds up curing and reduces pot life and working time. When using MESG’s Epoxy Accelerator, please be aware of this fact and work at a proper pace accordingly.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

How to use

Mix 1 part of the MESG’s Epoxy Product (Part A), including Metallic Epoxy & Self Levelling Compound, to 1 part of the Epoxy Accelerator by Volume. (Can use less to adjust cure times)

The cure time depends on ambient temperature and how much Accelerator is added.

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