Metallic Pigments

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  • Multi-dimensional Depth and Color
  • UV Stable
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Natural Stone Appearance
  • Artisan Friendly
  • Colors can be mixed to create new colors
  • Extreme Vibrance and Shimmer
  • Can be used in any Resin


MESG’s Metallic Pigments are special effect pigments designed to be added to our Metallic Epoxy, adding new dimensions in-depth and design. They are formulated to set the standard in dynamic movement, color vibrance, and shimmer that mimics the natural look of stone and rock formations.

We currently hold 28 primary colors for all project types.

Additional information

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Deep Blue, Pearl White, Sky Blue, Black, Silver, Titanium, Deep Purple, Coffee, Chocolate, Espresso, Glitter Gold, Liquid Gold, Liquid Diamond, Deep Red, Bright Orange, Bright Yellow, Hot Pink, Khaki, Copper, Turquoise, Orange Gold, Moss Green, Golden Green, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Baby Green, Golden Violet, Violet Red


150g, 1.5kg, 5kg, 25kg


It can be used in any liquid material or semi-liquid material, below are a few examples:

  • Epoxy Resin
  • Casting Resin
  • Polyaspartics

How much to use

Recommended Figures:

1) Depending on how much opacity you want in the project.

2) For general use, 4% of the total Metallic Epoxy Part A & Part B used in the project would be a good gauge.


You can simply use our Calculator.

How to use

When Mixing into Metallic Epoxy

Pre-mix the Metallics in Part A Epoxy before adding the Part B Epoxy. This will minimize mixing time once the Part B Epoxy is added.

Dump the Metallics into the Part A Epoxy and mix while submerging the paddle mixer in the resin. This will minimize the Metallic particles in the air. Mix until all the Metallics are blended into the resin.


Add the Part B (hardener) when you’re ready to pour. (See Metallic Epoxy for detailed mixing of the Epoxy Resin.)

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